Choosing a photographic theme

I’ve spoken before about choosing a photographic theme when you’re in a new location. A big city such as Paris, New York, London or Melbourne can be overwhelming when you first get there and choosing a theme to concentrate on can make it easier to ‘get in the zone’.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a colour, a shape, a style of architecture or something else completely different. Just looking for an image that fits the theme makes you open your eyes and start to see, rather than just looking. You see things entirely differently.

Here is a collection of “blue” images I’ve made.

You could choose to photograph blue doors…

Blue door in Bayeux, Normandy, France

Choosing a theme, can make it easier to focus when in a new location
Fujifilm X100S, 1/180 sec, ƒ2.8, ISO200

Old wooden doors in Honfleur, France.

Old wooden doors in Honfleur, Normandy, France
Fujifilm X100S, 1/20 sec, ƒ5.6, ISO200

Blue door too

A blue door in Bayeux, Normandy, France
Fujifilm X100S, 1/500, ƒ2.8, ISO200

You could choose to photograph people wearing something blue…

A man with blue umbrella

A man wearing a blue jacket and carrying a blue umbrella in Vienna, Austria
Nikon D800, 1/100 sec, ƒ4, 58mm, ISO6400

Enjoying the sunshine in Luxembourg Gardens

A man wearing a blue beret enjoying the sunshine in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France
Fujifilm X100S, 1/280 sec, ƒ4, ISO200

Cleaning windows in Melbourne

Cleaning windows in Melbourne, wearing a blue t-shirt
Fujifilm X100S, 1/125 sec, ƒ2.8, ISO200

Street entertainer in Paris

A street entertainer with a blue cart and blue jacket in Paris
Fujifilm X100S, 1/750 sec, ƒ2.8, ISO200

Reflected skys in Luxembourg Gardens

Walking through Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, wearing blue reflective sunglasses
Fujifilm X100S, 1/1250 sec, ƒ2.8, ISO200

Or you could simply look for blue in everyday things…

Boots in Caen

A selection of boots in front of a shop in Caen, Normandy, France
Fujifilm X100S, 1/160 sec, ƒ4, ISO200


The lock business is alive and well in Paris

A blue “love lock” on Pont des Arts in Paris
Olympus OMD EM-5, 1/250 sec, ƒ6, 43mm, ISO400

Eiffel Tower, Paris

The Eiffel Tower set against a blue sky in Paris, France
Olympus OMD EM-5, 1/1250 sec, ƒ4, 12mm, ISO200

Blue Stairs, Paris

Blue stairs in Paris, France
Fujifilm X100S, 1/4 sec, ƒ2.8, ISO200

The Centre Pompidou, Paris

Blue pipes on the outside of the Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
Olympus OMD EM-5, 1/160 sec, ƒ3.5, 12mm, ISO200

The Blue Hive

The Blue Hive, street art in Adelaide, South Australia
Olympus OMD EM-5, 1/400 sec, ƒ11, 18mm, ISO320

It really doesn’t matter what theme you choose. What is important, is that you choose something to help you focus on getting interesting images. Don’t just settle for the “postcard” shots. By all means, get those too, but look around and make images that tell a story about where you are.


Photography is about vision; I love making photographs that tell a location’s story – the place, the people and the culture. I'm a photographer with a relaxed approach. I'm an experienced traveller and love teaching others about photography. Images can be made anywhere - right in your back yard or in exotic overseas locations. I can teach you not only to look at your surroundings, but also to really "see" what's there. Photography is more than just pressing a button. It's also about vision. Let me show you how to look, see and capture your world.

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