Angelea Presti – United States

Patient, honest, gifted.

I met Ken Lyons two years ago at a masterclass in Florence, Italy led by photographers Clay Blackmore and David Ziser. As a solo traveler at 21 years old, I was extremely shy and quite intimidated being the youngest photographer there. However, with the kindness and support from Ken along with several of the other students, I was able to grow and develop as a photographer sufficiently more during the two masterclasses I’ve participated in the last two years.

In Budapest last year, Ken taught me how to do a 30-second exposure; the photograph that resulted from his guidance and teaching was featured in a gallery earlier this year. In addition, he has given me advice on Lightroom editing techniques and constructive criticism regarding composition and posing. Ken’s passion for photography reflects in his dedication and aptitude in helping others succeed and progress.

Last but not least, his sense of humor is one-of-a-kind!

Denise M Lawry – Australia

I have had the pleasure of attending several photography workshops with Ken over the past years. His photography is always superb as he has an excellent eye for detail and composition. The recent book showcasing his work from our Normandy workshop is indicative of the high quality of his images and is a beautifully selected collection of photos complemented by well-written text.

Street photography comes naturally to Ken as he has a way of interacting with people that always puts them at ease, thus ensuring extremely natural street portraiture and scenes. This ability also filters through into other areas, as he is a wonderful teacher, having a very clear and calm manner of explaining and simplifying the often complex technical details of photography and camera function.

I would highly recommend any photography workshop that Ken is running as it will be, without doubt, highly informative and educational, improve the quality of one’s photography as well as provide an enormous amount of enjoyment whilst experiencing the tourist attractions of an overseas location.

Jeffrey Reale – United States

I’ve had the pleasure of joining Ken Lyons on several international photographic adventures in Europe in recent years. Ken has a very well rounded photographic skill set along with a sharp eye for landscape, city scape, travel and portraiture photography. It has been a pleasure learning from Ken while shooting side by side with him among gorgeous back drops of iconic and beautiful scenery.

Ken consistently displays an insightful approach to composition and the artistic result is often nothing short of a masterful and evocative image. I strongly recommend joining Ken on an international photographic trip. You will enjoy a high quality life experience, good company and excellent down-to-earth instruction all wrapped up in a beautiful setting with other like minded and passionate people.

Susan Goudge – United States

I was excited to learn that Ken Lyons Photography will be offering workshops. After working with Ken in Paris, I can attest that he is a perfect person to lead a photography workshop – because Ken is a natural teacher. He is patient and supportive while working with you, and his communication skills are excellent. Whether helping you find the most effective camera setting and composition for the shot you want to take, or teaching you techniques that you have always wanted to try – Ken works with you to make the complex become simple and understandable.

Whatever type of photography you are interested in – from street photography to landscapes to portraits, for example – Ken Lyons can help you perfect your craft and have fun while learning!

Helen S Wagner – United States

I met Ken Lyons at a photography workshop in France, where we were both participants. I’m thrilled to learn Ken is now leading his own workshops. In France Ken stood out among the group from the beginning. He engaged everyone in a congenial and unassuming way, with genuine interest as a fellow student. As time passed, I learned a lot about Ken that impressed me. He is a spectacular photographer with a keen eye. He has the ability to view scenes and compose images in a way that connects visually and conveys the story he sees. His knowledge of photography is extensive, as is his knowledge of Photoshop Lightroom. During photo review sessions or casual interactions in the workshop, Ken would comment and offer suggestions and criticism – always with a positive attitude and would teach concepts in a way that connected with everyone. It helped our learning and resulted in us feeling good about the interaction.

Ken would willingly discuss what he saw in scenes during photo walks and share images he made. As a fellow student, he was complementary and additive to the workshop leader without ever undermining the leader’s role. I believe Ken’s knowledge and the way he interacts with people, together with his style of teaching is an ideal combination of traits for a photography workshop leader.

Jennifer Robertson – Canada

I met Ken at a photography workshop in Paris, France. Observing Ken’s ability to approach and strike up a conversation with all walks of life, helped boost my own confidence in approaching and photographing strangers in a foreign country. Ken is a very kind, patient teacher with a great sense of humor. Be prepared to learn, laugh and experience a whole new way to see the world through your lens.

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