The value of travel

Eiffel Tower at night

A view of the Eiffel Tower at night, viewed from The Pantheon

Travel today is so easy for most people. Obviously there are many reasons some people can’t travel, but for those that can, it has never been easier. I remember my first trip to the US back in 1987 – the airfare cost me $2200. Today, 27 years later, I can fly from Adelaide in South Australia to Los Angeles for between $1500 and $2800 depending on the time of year. When you factor in the rise in wages over that same time period, the cost of air travel has decreased significantly.
To me, travelling is a great form of education. Some of the best things about travel are meeting new people; experiencing new cultures; enjoying new foods; and of course, seeing many different forms of architecture. But the absolute best thing has to be the new friends you make around the world. Friendships are formed that can last a lifetime. I’ve made friends in all corners of the globe (not that the earth has corners!). People from all walks of life, with different beliefs and backgrounds.

Melbourne skyline

The Melbourne skyline seen from the Southbank of the Yarra River

There are some things that make travel harder than it used to be. Things like increased security make travel a little more tedious, but overall the inconvenience is far outweighed by the benefits and enrichment you get from travelling around the world.

If you’re able, I highly recommend travelling. Experience new places; try new foods; make new friends. It’s well worth the relatively minor inconveniences that have crept in over the last decade or so. Have fun!


Photography is about vision; I love making photographs that tell a location’s story – the place, the people and the culture. I'm a photographer with a relaxed approach. I'm an experienced traveller and love teaching others about photography. Images can be made anywhere - right in your back yard or in exotic overseas locations. I can teach you not only to look at your surroundings, but also to really "see" what's there. Photography is more than just pressing a button. It's also about vision. Let me show you how to look, see and capture your world.

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